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Food And Drinks For A Healthy Heart

Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less

The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. Simply put, if the heart stops beating you’re dead… literally. It is safe to say that any person who has gone past 3rd Grade would know that by now. Knowing how important the heart is, the average person also knows that the heart must be kept healthy. The big question then, is “how?”

Ask almost anyone what they think they ought to do to keep their heart healthy, and you would likely get one or both of the two most common answers: exercise regularly and/or diet. Both are good and correct, though incomplete. Both, however, are also quite vague to many people.

For example, how regular is “exercise regularly”? How intense should exercise be? What kind of exercise should it be? And then there are all these questions about a “proper diet”.

“Go on a proper diet” is vague. First of all, a “proper” diet could be many different kinds, depending on what you are trying to achieve for your body. There’s a mass-building diet for bodybuilders, a weight-loss diet for those who want to reduce either fat or muscle and thereby become lighter, an endurance runner’s diet, a high-protein diet, high-calorie diet, high-fiber diet, ketogenic diet, seafood diet, see food diet (where you basically end up eating any food you see – not recommended), any combination of all these diets, and many more kinds of diet. In other words, a “diet” is basically what you eat. So, saying “Go on a ‘proper’ what-you-eat” is vague, and does not give clarity on what you should actually be eating more of. If you are targeting a better heart condition, you would best go on a heart-healthy diet. Then again, what exactly would a heart-healthy diet be? Read on and find out.