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28 Home Remedies For Earache And Infection


Earaches can be so minor as to only cause discomfort, but they can also be severe enough to interfere with your daily life. It can be even more difficult to handle when it is your kid who is suffering from an earache. It can make them fussy and irritable, and it’s hard to get them to stop touching their ears. Unfortunately, they are the ones more prone to getting an earache, and those under 5 years old are at an even higher risk to get them.

The ear consists of the external or outer ear, the middle ear or tympanic cavity, and the inner ear. Infections in the outer and middle ear are usually milder, and may be cured within a couple of weeks. However, infections affecting the inner ear can take longer to heal. Ear infections are often caused by bacteria or viruses. A viral or bacterial infection due to a respiratory illness can lead to an inner ear disorder called labyrinthitis.

Most of the time, an ear infection is no cause for worry, as long as you get it treated right away. It could be totally gone in a matter of days up to two weeks, leaving your ear as good as before. However, if you let an infection go unchecked, it may give you a high fever, cause vestibular damage, or lead to partial or total hearing loss. It may even spread to your jaw or other parts of your body.

Depending on the cause of your earache, you may or may not need to take antibiotics. However, it may become really bothersome if you are not able to see your doctor right away. If such is the case, a natural remedy may help you bear the pain while you are waiting to see a medical expert. These remedies are designed to alleviate pain and discomfort, but they do not work to cure the infection. It is still important to set an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible, especially if the pain is severe, if it is not healed within a few days, or if you experience high fever or loss of hearing.

In the meantime, check out these natural remedies that can help relieve your ear troubles.