The Hot Summer Nights Have Officially Arrived : Here Are 10 Expert Tips To Improve Sleep


Has the unbearable, scorching summer heat messed up your sleeping pattern? There’s no worse feeling than being so hot at night that no matter how much you toss and turn, getting comfortable in your own bed is close to impossible! 

Thanks to the sleep expert Dr. Nerina, these 10 tips will help you cool off at and get a good night’s sleep despite these summer months: 

  1. Have icy, cold water by your bedside every night before you go to sleep. 
  2. Get an old spray bottle or a plant mister and fill it up with cool water that you can use in the middle of the night to spray on your face, in case you wake up overheating. 
  3. Have an ice tray ready, which you can position right in front of your electric fan – this will cool down your room considerably as the ice melts into the air. 
  4. Close your curtains and blinds during the day so that your bedroom doesn’t over-heat at night. 
  5. Chill your pillow cases in your freezer a couple of hours before getting into bed so you can lay your head on something cold! 
  6. Use a damp shirt to sleep in, or even cool wet socks! 
  7. Only use thin bed sheets to sleep in, and keep your heavy winter duvet in the storage! 
  8. Place towelettes inside the fridge that you can get out before you go to bed and lay it on your forehead as you drift off to dreamland. 
  9. Rinse your feet and/or wrists under cold water because these are the areas where your blood vessels are closer to the surface of your skin, which will make you cool down quicker. 
  10.  Last but not least, be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and don’t worry too much if it takes longer than normal for you to drift off to sleep. Use this downtime to think positive thoughts, which will give you more energy the next day!