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Boosting Self-Esteem Helps Reduce Inflammation That Brings About Diseases And Aging

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The secret to a long and happy life is not so much a secret. Everyone knows that eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly are the best ways to living longer and to having healthier lives. But there’s also more than meets the eye. Self-love is just as important. In fact, some bodies of research say that self-esteem is just as crucial when it comes to wellness because this should be part of a typical healthy lifestyle.

Dr. James Rouse has been preaching about this. He is a naturopathic physician and functional medicine expert who has studied nutrition for more than 25 years. He believes that “food is medicine”. In fact, he created a book called Healthy Skoop as a guide for his readers to attain convenient, healthy, nutritious foods that are plant-based, sustainable, ethical, and most importantly, delicious. Three percent of all sales from the book is set to provide grants that bring fresh produce to school lunchrooms everywhere.

“We know that one of the greatest challenges to health and wellness – and frankly one of the greatest causes of all disease – is something called systemic inflammation. And here’s what we know: simply raising our happiness, emotional positivity, and optimistic outlook on life through self-care is one of the greatest ways to affect systemic inflammation [so] you become more alive,” Rouse said.

Today, Dr. James continues to guide the reader’s leadership and formulation efforts because for him, he treats “food as medicine.” His Research and Development team, in fact, depends on him for his deep knowledge when it comes to nutrition.

His product, Skoop, began selling mostly online. Then, he made it available in local gyms, yoga studios, alternative medicine offices, and other wellness-centric establishments found in Boulder, Colorado. Then in late 2015, they broke ground and launched major grocery outlets throughout Colorado. They are now building distribution all throughout the U.S. quickly. However, they will always remain committed to their growing Healthy Skoop community.

Since the beginning, Skoop wanted to answer this question: how can we make it easy for people to reap the benefits of plant-based nutrition? Caring for your health yourself with some wholesome plants, you will also feel better. The Standard American Diet just doesn’t do it because this often leads people to feeling tired and overfed. While they do feel full, they still are undernourished. When you include plants instead of what he calls “frankenfood,” you will be more energized. Hence, the company’s goal is to make great tasting plant-based products a simple, easy choice so that people can attain optimal health every single day.

More importantly, the more you take care of yourself, the faster you can become the best version of yourself wherein you will be able to do what you were always meant to do. The Skoop community will always be there to provide the solutions. Your job is to simply live your best life. They will help empower people so that they can make healthier choices and be an integral member of an ever-growing wellness community.

As for Dr. James himself, he likes to talk about self-care as a revolutionary act. Eating real, clean food can transform you. And on their packaging, you’ll notice the statement “made without gluten, soy, dairy, GMOs, funky stuff.” This means that their food doesn’t contain artificial flavors, preservatives, and fillers, chemical additives, or other refined waste.