21 Signs And Symptoms Of Pancreatic Cancer

18. Liver Enlargement (Hepatomegaly)


Liver enlargement, medically known as hepatomegaly, is yet another sign of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, this happens in the late stages of the disease, when the cancer has already spread to the liver and nearby organs. 

While hepatomegaly is considered a symptom of pancreatic cancer, it can also come as a result of other diseases, which makes it difficult to find out whether or not it comes as a result of pancreatic carcinoma. Liver enlargement can be diagnosed early through imaging studies of the abdomen, such as ultrasound, ct scan or even xray. 

A diagnosis of an enlarged liver should nudge you to see a specialist immediately in order for them to determine the reason behind it. By getting the proper tests, one can find out if it is due to a grave underlying disease such as pancreatic cancer.