You Can Ease Migraine Pain With Yoga


For quite some time now, Yoga has been known to have many healing benefits. It is actually a spiritual discipline which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. Practitioners of this discipline will attest to it making their lives better, spiritually and physically. Masters of the science can even slow down their heartbeat ridiculously, and other “super” things not normally done.

Well, a recent study has found another advantage: Yoga can help ease migraine pain. Many of us suffer from migraines, and some really are bad. Normally, we rely on over-the-counter painkillers. Or we tend to have our own remedy which we believe can help ease the pain and discomfort. The good news is, you can try Yoga instead.

The Department of Neurology at the All Institute of Medical Sciences in India enlisted 114 people between 18-50 years old, with a history of migraine pain. The researchers split the participants into two groups, the first group received medication only, while the second group supplemented this by practicing yoga 3 days a week for one month. Then, for a period of 2 months after, they were instructed to stick to an at-home practice 5 times a week. All the participants received counselling on lifestyle changes, including doing regular physical activity, sleeping better, and eating healthier and properly.

Throughout the duration of the experiment, both groups reported an improvement in their symptoms. The medication-only group saw a 12% decrease in headache frequency. However, the yoga group experienced a 50% decrease in frequency of headaches, and reduced pain. They also relied less on the medication provided.


The study’s author, professor Rohit Bhatia M.D. explained in an interview, “ About half of people who have migraines take medication to get relief.” He further adds, “ Yoga could be a good way to reduce migraine onset for those who prefer not to take medication. It also seems promising for those who do opt for meds but may still struggle to reduce frequency and severity of the condition.”

Yoga may also be the answer to an inexpensive solution for migraines, given that medicines do cost money, especially if you need it often.For those who are new to yoga, there are several classes online for free. Plus there is a lot of research on the net for those who want to know more.

There are many possible causes for migraines…some different from individual to individual. It could be due to stress, bright lights, strong smells, loud sounds, lack of sleep, etc. Yoga may not be a miracle cure, it may work for some, not necessarily for all. But what’s the harm in trying it out, especially since most of us have more time at home now. Just remember, note that you may need a lifestyle change as well. Don’t expect a miracle overnight. Hope it works for you.

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