The Roselle Plant – The Secret Natural Ingredient That Helps Control And Manage Obesity


In today’s world, thousands of people don’t follow a healthy diet. The dawn of the fast food restaurants have provided them with easy access to food that promotes obesity. Then, they start complaining about their health while not doing much of anything.

They want to get their healthy weight back, but what they also want is an easy fix. In fact, there are products sold in the market that promise weight loss without the work. Unfortunately, many of these are bogus scams, As for the legit products out there, there are those that are made from ingredients that do more damage than good.

Then, there are actually those that are readily available from Mother Nature herself. In fact, there is an unassuming plant that comes with antioxidants that could finally be the legitimate health food weight loss supplement. This was discovered after a landmark trial saw how it was able to decrease body fat absorption. The answer could be in the roselle plant.

What the scientists did was treat the human fat cells with polyphenols that are found in the flower. They then inhabited the production of the chief enzyme that is able to convert dietary fat into stored fat in the body’s cells.

One of the co-authors of the study is a food scientist and former farmer from Nepal. He believes that the plant could replace many of the side-effect-inducing pharmaceutical substances that are taken to genesis fat loss by those from Australia.

First of all, the author believes that there’s nothing wrong with trying to search for a food-based alternative instead of taking synthetic medications. Moreover, it’s also okay to try and use health foods that can promote weight loss.

Roselle flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)dried and brewed in teas, is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine shops. This offers a long legacy like many other proven plant medications like the reishi mushroom. There are also other options such as cinnamon and fennel seed. These are the different kinds of plant materials known having many health benefits. Unfortunately, there isn’t funding available for dedicated scientific research to prove the many claims.

It’s a good thing that Ph.D. candidate Manisha Singh was able to overcome that and see for herself if there are good natural alternatives for weight loss.

What she did was treat human stem cells with the polyphenolic compounds found in roselle flowers. These materials stains everything it touches and turning it red before these are converted into fat cells that are called adipocytes. Most cells are able to turn themselves to fat cells. What’s simply needed is for them to receive a biological command to absorb fats and this is oftentimes done through diet.

The fat cells treated with the polyphenols absorbed 95% less fats than the ones who weren’t treated with anything.

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“The phenolic extracts from the roselle could help create a health food product that is effective in interfering with the formation of fat cells, but also bypass the bad side effects of some medications,” said Singh’s Ph.D. supervisor Professor Benu Adhikari when he spoke at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Singh had also previously discovered that roselle extracts contained some of the chemicals that are found in weight loss medication such as Orlistat and Liraglutide. She saw that this was able to inhibit the function of lipase, which is an enzyme that the body utilizes to break down large dietary fats down and turn these into smaller ones so that these are easily absorbed by the body’s cells.

When the lipase enzyme is hindered, the fat will not be absorbed and instead, it just goes through the colon and exits the body as waste. This was just seen to stop fats from entering the cells. They had not seen any effect on fat that are already found inside the cells.

The best part about roselle is that it’s actually quite easy to cultivate these n bulk. If it were pulverized and turned into a capsule form, it could be the best ally to a healthy diet and an exercise routine for those seeking to lose some weight.