Vets Surprised How Dog Recovered From Cancer Just By Eating Pumpkin

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Dogs make loyal companions. Humans can always count on their pets for comfort and friendship. It’s no surprise that many consider their parts an integral member of the family. Unfortunately, their lifespan is much shorter and many have mourned the loss of a pet.

One woman found out just how important her dog had become in her life. When he was diagnosed with cancer, she was heartbroken. How can she save his life when he was only given a few months to live by the vets? She needed to do something.

Martha Haslett was looking for what to do and she now says that pumpkin helped save her dog’s life. In fact, the veterinarians were shocked when they saw how the dog miraculously recovered from this terminal illness.

The day she found out about the results that came from the doctors, Martha assumed that this was a hopeless case for her dog, Koda. The vets said that he had less than a year live after they discovered a on his intestine last October of 2019.

“We were devastated,” said Martha, a 63-year-old woman hailing from Lewes, Delaware. “We loved this little guy and we didn’t know what to do.”

But Koda managed to be brave. More importantly, he proved them all wrong. When he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, he defied the odds and continued to live a healthy life. Martha is a retired teacher who found the perfect companion in her dog. And now, she says that the one secret to his healing was the orange squash he chomped-down on a daily basis. She decided to give him this when he refused to eat everything else.

At that height of his illness, Koda lost a lot of weight as he underwent chemo. He went down from 23 pounds to just 16. This was when Martha and her family decided that they needed to look for a way to encourage him to chomp more food.

“We can’t remember where we got the idea but one of his prescription dog foods made him constipated and we always knew that pumpkins were good for dogs, so we started adding a scoop to his meals three times a day,” Martha shared.

Koda immediately took to the pumpkin, food that’s rich in vitamins A and C and one that can help strengthen his immune system.

“We were just trying to think of anything that could boost his health that would be a benefit. Without giving him the pumpkins there’s a higher chance he would have died. He’d become such a part of our family and we just didn’t want to lose him.”

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Martha immediately began to buy tins of canned pumpkin from Aldi. After around a hundreds cans, Koda was given the ‘all-clear’ by the oncologists September of this year.

Martha said that this was a miracle and Koda’s veterinary doctors all agree. They witnessed how he was able to successfully beat all the odds. In fact, they advised the mom to ‘keep up’ with whatever she has done.

“The oncologist did the scan and was shocked because it’s an incredibly rare, aggressive form of cancer–and chemotherapy is usually not effective,” Martha said as she recalled what happened.

“My daughter was there and we all had tears in our eyes. It was more than I ever could have hoped for.”

Martha now highly recommends a pumpkin diet for any dog. She said that aside from being nutritious, this is also beneficial for their digestion.

After Koda was proclaimed healthy, he continues to eat pumpkin three times a day. For the mother of two, this helps keep him in top condition.