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Take A Step Back And Rediscover Your Innate Power To Really Listen


Each and everyone of us has this powerful gift that nobody really takes notice of: the ability to listen to others.

Research has proven that listening to another actively generates empathy, builds self-esteem and lessens stress. However, people nowadays are too distracted and overwhelmed with information that tuning out people on a daily basis has become normal.

In order to strengthen your listing muscle, figure out what type of listening level you belong to. (Don’t berate yourself too much if you find yourself in level one – because that’s where most of us are at), then read the advice to advance to the next level. Before you know it, you’ll be able to perform generative listening for yourself!

Level One: Internal Listening

At level one, you mainly listen to your inner voice and think about the things you want to say. You do not engage as much as you can to the person you’re talking to, or the people included in the conversation – you just think and strategies about your response. Try and exert more effort to listen to the person talking before coming up with responses and move on to the next level.

Level Two: Focused Listening

In this level, you pay attention to the other person’s needs, wants, or concerns, which they not only express through their words, but through their body language as well. Reflect what you have understood through paraphrasing and clarification, which shows that you are listening actively. Show the other person that you care about what they’re trying to say and ask yourself, what are they feeling beyond their words?

Level Three: Global Listening

Level three is all about paying attention to the larger context of the conversation as a whole between you and the other person. Listen with your intuition and body, not just with your ears and eyes. At level three, reflect on what else you can understand about the situation that is not being said directly when you listen more fully.

Level Four: Generative Listening

When you reach the fourth level and attempt generative listening, your attention span widens which allows fresh ideas and solutions to appear in the conversation. In this level, try and sit patiently in the uncertainty of conversation without being threatened with different opinions that may come about throughout the conversation. You can reflect and wonder on all the different opportunities that are emerging between you and the other person talking.