How Jennifer Aniston Got Over Insomnia Without Drugs

Irish Times

Insomnia is no laughing matter, especially for a talented actress and comedienne. Jennifer Aniston has battled sleeplessness for many years but was finally able to get some shut eye, after fixing some things with her evening routine.

Aniston, who just turned 51, discussed her sleep issues with Ariana Huffington back in 2016 where she called a memorable quote Aniston had when interviewed by Dr. Oz Mehmet. “If I wake up at three in the morning, I start having conversations with the committee in my head [my brain], and they won’t shut up, and I can’t get back to sleep.”

So just how did the world-renowned Friends star put the kibosh on those late-night mental convos? According to her, she needs to sleep with her phone at least five feet away from her bed. She is also a fan of doing yoga and meditation before bedding down for the night, even if it’s just for five minutes. 


But the top solution to her insomnia really was banishing technology from her bedroom. She shut down the TV, her phone, computer, and tablet at least an hour before she turned the lights off. While Huffington brought up the soothing benefits of a nice warm bath, Aniston joked that she isn’t one of those girls that loves a bath. While she finds hot showers calming, she doesn’t always remember to take them.

“What’s funny is that as much as I like showers to relax me, it’s something I always forget,” she said. “It’s usually when you’re trying to help someone else with their issues that you remember all of the tricks and secrets. But then when it’s yourself that you need to help, somehow you forget. It’s really “physician, heal thyself!”, Aniston exclaimed.If this gorgeous and successful woman can manage to do these little things to get a good night’s sleep, we’re sure that we can too.