6 Signs Your High Blood Pressure Is Getting Serious

Hopkins Medicine

One of the most hazardous aspects of hypertension, often known as high blood pressure, is that you may not realize you have it. Nearly one-third of persons with high blood pressure are unaware of it. That’s because, unless it’s quite severe, high blood pressure has no symptoms. Regular checks are the best method to determine if your blood pressure is high. Blood pressure may also be checked at home. If you have a close family with high blood pressure, this is very significant.

Read on to find out the possible symptoms of high blood pressure that you may not even suspect!

1. Dizziness

Dizziness refers to a variety of symptoms such as faintness, wooziness, weakness, or unsteadiness. Vertigo is a type of dizziness that gives the impression that you or your surroundings are spinning or moving.

Adults see their doctors for a variety of reasons, including dizziness. Dizzy episodes or continuous dizziness can have a big impact on your life. Dizziness might make you more likely to fall and injure yourself. When you’re dizzy while driving a car or operating heavy machinery, you’re more likely to have an accident. If an existing health problem that is causing your dizziness is not addressed, you may suffer long-term effects.