Want To Shed Inches In Time For Summer? Get On This Fusion Diet Now!


What was the reason the authors of one of the most Googled Diets called The Dubrow Diet have to write a sequel?

Yale-trained surgeon, Terry Dubrow M.D., shared: “We heard that some Dubrow Dieters were putting a keto spin on our plan. We looked into it, and it turned out they were really onto something.” Dubrow, along with his nutrition-buff wife, Heather have become one of America’s top weight-loss figures. 

Deeper research and experimentation has led Dr. Dubrow to realize that joining elements of his famous “interval eating” strategy, along with a veto diet to reduce carbs “not only accelerates fat burning, it also eliminates big challenges that make dieters fall off the wagon. We’ve created the easiest wagon you’ll ever ride!” People that tested the new and improved Dubrow Keto Fusion Diet completely agree! They have reported losing up to 15 pounds in only one week! 

This is what you need to know about Dr. Dubrow’s upgraded approach: You need a 12 hour break between your last sitting every night and your first the next day. 

“There’s less fasting than on our original plan, so that’s one difficult aspect gone.” For your first meal and for eight hours after, stick to keto fare, including protein, low-carb veggies, and plenty of healthy fat. Next, during the 4 hours before bed, enjoy a keto dinner and optional snack that includes a serving or two of healthy carbs like fruit, potatoes, or brown rice. “You eat all the time, you get your carbs. There’s no deprivation. You may not even realize you’re on a diet!” Says the E! medical reality show doctor on Botched. 

“You’re asleep most of the time, and you can have coffee with cream or bone broth to stave off any hunger,” he noted. 

The answer to getting easy and fast results

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The foundation of this diet is the time-restricted eating. Dr. Dubrow explains that “the idea is that you go for longer periods without eating, so your body burns through all its blood sugar and must begin burning stored fat for fuel.” His studies are backed by evidence from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Chicago.

The keto diet is very similar. “You’re not eating carbs, which dramatically lowers blood sugar and forces the body to burn fat for fuel. They’re both fat-burning diets. But one tends to leave you hungry, and the other leaves you craving carbs,” he says. The amazing discovery to this diet is that by combining these two approaches, you won’t need to fast for as long, and you don’t need to cut out too many carbs, “yet you get better results.”

Is this even possible? Dr. Dubrow states that by combining both strategies “causes both enzymes that help us burn sugar and enzymes that help us burn fat to become more active. So you’re burning more no matter what you eat, and you don’t have to take drastic measures.”

Is there any proof?

There have been several studies conducted in Israeli universities that found diets similar to the Dubrow Keto Fusion work better than eating patterns that people are used to. Some cases had people losing 48 pounds, instead of 11 pounds. “By your second or third week, the speed at which you’re burning both sugar and fat for fuel doubles,” says the celebrity doctor. “Plus you’re triggering biochemical changes that improve overall health, so you see better blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, better mood and sleep. You end up a sugar-burning, fat-burning, healthy machine!”

What should you eat to increase Fat-Burn?


Here is the Dubrow Keto Fusion diet in a nutshell:

Let 12 hours elapse between your last sitting one day and your first the next. After that, stick to keto fare for 8 hours, followed by 4 hours during which you eat keto plus 1 to 2 servings of fruit, beans, rice or potatoes. 

(Dr. Dubrow tip: Cook, cool and reheat potatoes/rice to reduce their impact on blood sugar.) Once a week, allow yourself a cheat day to keep from feeling deprived. As always, consult your doctor before going on a new diet regimen.

Morning Drinks: Until your first meal, sip coffee/tea with cream, green drinks from a mix (like Primo Greens) and/or bone broth.

Keto Lunch: Burger with low-carb toppings like veggies and guacamole served in grilled portobello mushroom caps.

Happy Hour: Eggs deviled with low-sugar mayo; optional dry Champagne or a cocktail with clear liquor, seltzer, and lime.

Fusion Dinner: Marinated grilled chicken breast and veggies with brown rice that has been cooked, cooled and reheated.