This Speaker Talks About The Impact of Being Able to Forgive, And Why It’s Important To Your Wellbeing

Forgiveness is no easy feat. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things for anyone to do. But what you might be interested to learn is that being able to forgive someone is actually beneficial to your health. It can lessen the risk of heart attacks, lower levels of anxiety, stress and depression, and even improve your sleep and cholesterol levels. Plus, when you can’t forgive, studies have even shows to age you, and who wants that?

Are you one of those people that find it difficult to forgive people that hurt you? Does it make you think about why it’s so hard in the first place, or the reason why it feels like your life can’t seem to go on after you’ve been hurt because you’re afraid that it will happen again? Sometimes the only way to get over that fear is by facing it directly and understand that there are ways to move forward into bigger and better things.

The video below shows Vishen Lakhiani, who talks about the importance of forgiveness, and how using ‘radical forgiveness’ can make all the difference in our lives. It’s a simple but powerful way that everyone should see.

Lakhiani, who happens to be the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, education technology innovator, investor and philanthropist. He also wrote the book “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.”

Here is one of his most notable excerpts from his talk, “Sometimes, the world, the universe, God, or however you want to call it, gives you these moments of stress so you can rise above them … Michael Beckwith calls these kensho moments. Kensho moments are moments where you grow from pain. Something happens – maybe your health breaks down, you end up in a hospital – but you grow from that, you learn to appreciate your body. Another philosophy I think of is the phrase hurt people hurt people, which simply means that everybody who hurts you is doing it because at some level, they were hurt themselves. They were just passing it on, but you have the ability to cut that code and stop the hurt, so you don’t continue passing it on. Think about human history and how nations fight nations for generations, because of this crazy ideal that hurt people hurt people, but we can forgive, we can move on.”

You can listen to his talk by watching the video below.