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This Delicious Superfood Not Only Tastes Good, But Improves Digestion And Fights IBS

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Having digestive issues are such a drag to deal with. There’s a new buzz going around about gut health and how take care of your gut is really the best solution to finally resolving digestion issues. 

Recently, new research has surfaced showing that eating more of certain foods can help improve problems like IBS and other stomach issues. 

Researchers from the University of California in San Diego have theorized that the C. reinhardtii, which is an algae specie found in seaweed could be the answer to many, if not most of the common digestive health woes. 

They selected 51 people (some who’ve experienced IBS) to partake in their case studies by giving them a daily dose of the powdered algae in the span of a month. When the trial ended, they reported on their digestive symptoms. Studies showed that those who were struggling with IBS-like symptoms experienced more regular bowel movements, had less discomfort and less bloating. 

Integrative Nutrition

Another interesting discovery the researchers came across was from collected stool samples to track changes found in the gut microbiome (bacterial environment of the gut). These results showed that those patients who previously didn’t have digestive issues had no changes in their microbiome from the algae dosage, which other supplements can cause. An example of this would be too much consumption of kombucha – while regarded as a potent gut-healer, it can also cause digestive distress. 

This type of algae is found in seaweed, a nutritional superfood mostly found in Asian cuisine. Nori, wakame and combo are examples that have extremely high iodine which helps improve thyroid health. Try this seaweed snack made by Annie Chunn ($10.99 for a pack of 12, Amazon), or have some sushi and Japanese miso soup for a meal! 

Did healing your gut ever taste this yummy?