Man Suffering From Severe Depression Saves His Own Life After Detoxing From Heavy Metals


People don’t realize it, but heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium could actually lead to a variety of serious health issues, including cancer and depression.

One such individual, Josh Macin, was actually suffering from mercury poisoning from a number of different sources such as sushi, tooth fillings, and tons of others. His unknown illness had been going on for a staggering three years too before he even realized what exactly was causing him harm. Apparently, there are a number of mental disorders that are actually linked with heavy metal poisoning, and it’s been an issue that has been traced back to Roman times.

Notably, heavy metal detoxification is one powerful tool that not only has studies behind it, but has also proven to be incredibly beneficial in the life of the athlete, Macin. During a guest appearance on a podcast, he explains exactly how debilitating his struggle was, both spiritually and mentally, all throughout the years that he had the mercury-induced mental illness. Moreover, he also told listeners that they need to be more compassionate and understanding when it comes to hardships and difficulties that other people around us face, especially considering they could be fighting a battle we know nothing about.

An important excerpt from the podcast was, “First would be for people to change their water. Our water makes up 75% of our blood, and of our body. So we’ve got to change our water. I love natural spring water from the earth, I love distilled water from my home distiller; and when we change our water we change our thoughts, we change our vibration. It’s very important that we start drinking good quality water. The other part of that physical advice would be to potentially start experimenting with some kind of fasting.”

Josh Macin was actually the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, as well as the 2012 Pan-American champion. But sometime in October of 2013, he started to suffer from major panic attacks and severe depression. Yet despite doing everything he could to heal himself, including such treatments as yoga to supplementation, psychedelic drugs to more conventional pharmaceuticals, nothing seemed to work.

He even reached a point in his life when he contemplated suicide, creating the plan to actually instigate a shark attack. But there was a voice inside his head that told him not to do it, and after heeding that call, he chose to battle on a little bit longer. He eventually found out that what he actually had was mercury poisoning.

After going through the process of heavy metal detoxification, he managed to take back control of his life, winning the battle against his infection. Now, he owns the company The Detox Dudes, which works to help those afflicted with the same kinds of struggles as he did so they can overcome their own anguish.

The host of the podcast was Jairek Robbins, who happens to be the son of the popular American motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. Just like his dad, whose shoes are rather large to fill, he also does motivational speaking, talks, and programs that mostly cater to those with businesses.

He also happens to be the author of Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose, as well as a podcast entitled What the World Needs More Of, which can proudly say that it sits at number 26 on iTunes app and has an incredible 5.0 star rating out of 5.