Get On This Diet To Add Years To Your Long, Happy And Healthy Lifestyle

Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition

As we age, our bodies need more nutrients from the food we eat to function at 100 percent. While there are millions of diets and healthy lifestyles to choose from, and depending on what goals you are willing to achieve, there is that diet that will be the perfect one for you. 

When it comes to diets that works best as we grow older and want to maintain a long, active and healthy life – experts keep going back to the tried and tested Mediterranean diet. This diet consists of an eating plan exactly how people in Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy eat. It focuses on consuming an abundance of fresh and local produce, lots of seafood and whole grains. 

In a study that was published by the British Journal of Nutrition, going on the Mediterranean diet extends your longevity – by more than just a couple of years. The researchers supervised a study with over 5,000 people aged 65 and up where they also conducted a meta-analysis of seven other studies to see the effects of the Mediterranean diet with older people. 

Their conclusion showed a 25 percent lower risk of death from any disease. Researchers also found that for those who closely followed this lifestyle came out with greater health benefits. As part of the study, each participant was rated on a scale of one to nine, based on the strict adherence to the Mediterranean diet, with nine being the most disciplined. The results showed that those who followed the diet religiously had better cardiovascular (heart) health, while the risks of them getting heart disease or a heart attack decreased significantly. Even those that scored the lowest on the scale still reduced death risks by five percent! 


The meta-analysis that was conducted also showed similar results which concludes that this diet is the healthiest option for those that want to live longer. 

Study author Marialaura Bonaccio, PhD said this in a press release: 

“The Mediterranean diet lowers overall mortality risk in a dose-response, progressive way. In other words, the more you follow the Mediterranean diet, the greater the gain in terms of mortality risk reduction.”

So, how do you get on the Mediterranean diet?

One of the most important parts of following the Mediterranean diet is consuming healthy fat. You are encouraged to eat a lot of food that contains omega-3 fats like avocados, salmon, walnuts and seeds. Other food groups that you should eat abundantly include fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains. 

Protein from dairy, poultry and seafood are also allowed, but should only be consumed sparingly. Red meat should barely be eaten.  

The Mediterranean diet not only increases longer life span, it is also known for other benefits such as improving digestion, gut health and immunity. Other studies also proved that it could be beneficial to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. What more can you ask more? 

All in all, going on the Mediterranean diet will improve your everyday heath and energy in more ways than one. Consult your doctor before changing and trying new diets. 

Here’s to the beginning of your longer, happier and healthier life!