Drug-Free Holistic Patch Is Providing Relief For Patients With Different Health Issues, Including Anxiety


A health practitioner from California may have just invented the best thing to help deal with a number of health issues. Even better, it’s a natural, drug-free patch that has the ability to relieve motion sickness, anxiety, menstrual cramps, and even hangovers.

The GoPatch founder, Nicole Burdock, shares that she knew how the most common mental health challenge that many Americans are facing is anxiety, and this wasn’t just due to the pandemic. It’s been a problem since before.

According to Burdock, “I can only imagine, after these past 2 years with so many individuals working remote, being isolated, and unable to connect with friends and loved ones, how devastating this has been to our mental health. I can’t even fathom.”

Meanwhile, ex-police officer, Gina Raulston, who lives in Tennessee and now works in the prison system also shares, “Anxiety has always been a battle. Out of nowhere it tears at the very fabric of my life. I exercise regularly, eat as healthy as I can, but I seem to always find myself with anxiety.”

She adds, “I am also an officer’s wife, a mother, and I have a demanding career. Some days I feel like I shouldn’t feel the anxiety. I feel weak for admitting the anxiety is real.”  

“I’ve taken Wellbutrin for years and still had panic attacks often. This patch has changed my life. I place it over my belly button and within a couple of minutes the anxiety is gone. There are no side effects. No pills to take. No harsh chemicals. Just a patch.”

As for 57-year old Charlotte from Santa Barbara, California, explained that she recommends the patch for people that don’t like the dentist in particular, explaining, “It goes SO much less stressfully.”

In addition, her neighbor’s elementary school daughter, Mani, has also found success with the patch. The patch, which is safe for children 4-years old and above, helped her return to school after being stuck at home for so many weeks. Mani’s mom told Burdock, “This anxiety patch is incredible.” Although she wasn’t sure what to expect, she shared, “She was so calm and happy, not at all like before.”

The patches are homeopathic, and are formulated with micro-doses of diluted essences from minerals, plants, and natural ingredients, which are all made in the USA as well.

GoPatch also offers a money-back guarantee for any customer who feels like the product doesn’t’ work. But given the types of testimonials that most customers share, it would seem that they are highly effective, leaving customers very satisfied with their purchases.

Charlottle’s mom, Lynne, also told Good News Network, (GNN), “I have been dealing with several very stressful life situations and have been rather flooded with tension and stress, which has also caused an increase in pain from an ongoing problem. I have tried more techniques, medications, Physical Therapies, chiropractors, and acupunctures than I could possibly count.”

She continues, “I also am familiar with homeopathy but it has not been particularly helpful in the past either. Therefore, I was hopeful, but somewhat skeptical, expecting that the GoPatch would be just one more thing I had tried. But I applied a patch over my navel around noon and after an hour I had a marvelous afternoon and evening and could enjoy my three grandchildren in the Christmas pageant, in a way I had not been able to do for many years!”

“I now have very little pain and have been less tense and stressed than I have been for over a year. It really feels like a miracle and an answer to innumerable prayers,” she said.


They Offer Menstrual Relief As Well

Aside from anxiety patches, GoPatch also has menstrual patches, which help some customers deal with their cramps. According to Heather Gallagher, she has used these patches after her second pregnancy because of heavy periods with very debilitating cramps.

She explained, “One morning I had to get ready to get my eldest to school then head off to work, and I could not even stand up. I crawled to the bathroom in agonizing pain and remembered that I had GoPatch in my first aid box. I grabbed one, put it on and was ready to call in sick for work. About 15 minutes later, I realized how the patch worked, and it worked fast. I left the patch on for the rest of my cycle and noticed not only did I not have pain but the bleeding wasn’t heavy.”

GoPatch distributor, Health First Pharmacy in Windsor, California, also shared a story of one woman that came into the store complaining that nothing works for her granddaughter’s cramps. The pharmacy told her about GoPatch, so she decided to try it. Later on, as her granddaughter was down with massive pain, she applied that patch and she was reportedly not only able to get up, but she even went to school.

Burdock’s nausea patches have also worked to help many people deal with their motion sickness – especially car sickness – which is why she’s quite proud of her work as an alternative health practitioner. She has also become an entrepreneur so that her product can reach more people as well.

She said, “GoPatch has touched the lives of people on every continent, bringing them relief through our patches; even Antarctica, by folks traveling by boat. That is making my heart’s wish come true, which actually brings tears to my eyes.”

You can purchase your own set of GoPatches here.