Causes And Cures For Passing Gas

New York Post

Most people do not notice it, or some will not admit it, but the average person actually farts 10 to 20 times in a day.  It’s not like you’d be comparing notes with your peers as to who farts more.  It’s an embarrassing topic for most people to discuss.  In fact, when you have to do it, you’d rather that nobody else is present.  And if you happen to let one slip in public, and you’re caught by either the sound or smell of it, it gets to be one of those moments when you wish you could be invisible.

As embarrassing as it may be, farting is a very natural body process for mammals.  It is a normal human body function.  Farting happens when there is a buildup of gases in the small intestines, and it reaches a level where the pressure needs to be released.  Scientifically referred to as flatulence, farting indicates that there is a “rich community of bacteria that lives throughout your body.”  This is normally an indicator of good health.  In fact, patients who have just gone through abdominal surgery for whatever reason, will be repeatedly checked by the doctor or nurse as to whether or not they have farted, because this is their indicator that the organs of the abdominal region have been put back in good working order.  Of course, if the farting is extremely frequent, or is terribly smellier than usual, these are sometimes indicators of something wrong in the body.  Otherwise, it should be all good.

Statistically (and it would be interesting how they studied this), around 99% of flatulence would not be smelly.  The remaining 1% usually stinks due to a number of varied reasons.

To learn more about this normal, but embarrassing, body function, here are 9 causes of flatulence, along with 9 possible remedies or cures.