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Are Stomach Flu And Food Poisoning The Same?

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If you are one of those who think the stomach flu (also referred to as the “tummy bug”) and food poisoning are one and the same, well, think again.  Although the average non-medical person would think they are the same, they actually are not.  There is a whole host of differences between the two.  They both affect our digestive tracts, and both cause abdominal pain, discomfort, and a lot of messy ejections.  However, despite those similarities, they are pretty much different.  Telling them apart is important, as this is an essential key to choosing the correct treatment.

The signs and symptoms of one are similar to the other, so these are often mistaken for each other, and makes telling them apart quite difficult to the average non-medical person.  Just the same, they do have signs and symptoms that differ, and these can offer clues to which one the patient is suffering from.  These clues, combined with doctor-prescribed laboratory tests, will help doctors properly diagnose the patients’ condition, and thus enable them to determine the most appropriate course of action to prescribe.

Read on and you will find out how to tell a case of stomach flu apart from a case of food poisoning.