An Eye Test Saved This Woman’s Life When It Spotted A Tumor


A British woman, Katie Everett, credits a routine eye examination with saving her life. Her optician noticed a concerning change in her eyesight, prompting further investigation. Upon referral to Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital, doctors discovered an abnormality in both of her eyes. Subsequent MRI scans revealed a meningioma, the most prevalent form of primary brain tumor.

Reflecting on her experience, Katie asserts that the timely eye test likely uncovered a tumor that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Following diagnosis, she underwent two surgeries to remove the mass in July 2021. Additionally, she underwent radiation therapy, a treatment known to deter tumor recurrence in 90 percent of cases.

While the surgeries were successful in removing a significant portion of the tumor, some remnants remain. Consequently, Katie must undergo regular checkups for the next decade to monitor her condition and ensure early detection of any potential recurrence. This remarkable instance highlights the vital role routine medical examinations, even seemingly unrelated ones like eye tests, can play in early detection and treatment of serious medical conditions.

The beautician who hails from Hampshire, England was scared that she might have otherwise gone blind. “If it was left any longer, I could have lost my vision completely due to it pressing on my optic nerve,” she shared.

“It’s hard to believe, I really didn’t think something like that could happen,” the 31-year-old said.

Katie’s tumor fell under the category of benign, indicating its non-cancerous nature and typically sluggish growth rate. Despite this, its location exerted significant pressure on her pituitary gland, leading to the cessation of her menstrual cycles and profound impairment of her vision.

“I’ve had some hair loss where the radiotherapy was targeting the mass, and my nose and throat are still recovering from the second surgery where they cut away what they could of the tumor.

Other than that, I feel fortunate to be able to share my story to help raise awareness.”

She contributed significantly by generating substantial funds for tumor research.

“We’re grateful to Katie for sharing her story, as well as fundraising an incredible amount,” Mel Tiley, community development manager at Brain Tumor Research, explained.

Frequently, life’s greatest challenges have the potential to yield inspiring rewards.

“It’s made me realize that even when you don’t feel that you’re strong enough to deal with something like this, when it comes down to it you somehow find the strength within you.”