5 Super Simple DIY Tricks To Lose Up to 15 Pounds Of Water Weight In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Medical News Today

Try these simple remedies at home to get rid of bloating, cellulites, cankles and more as you flush fluids from your body making you look up to 15 pounds thinner in a heartbeat! 

1] Use a coffee polish to smooth out cellulites 

The caffeine found in coffee grounds bring out cellulite-exacerbating trapped water from cells. By massaging this polish in your thighs, you can look up to two pounds trimmer. 

Try it: Use about 1/4 cup of brewed coffee grounds onto dimply skin found in your thigh area for a minute. Rinse off polish after five minutes. 

2] Get rid of facial puffiness with this massage 

A facial massaged called Gua sha is performed with a particular crystal tool that boosts circulation by 400 because it aids stagnant fluids to flow freely. You can reduce 3 pounds of “false fat” from your face by doing this massage. 

Try it: Spread two drops of olive oil in on the face and neck area and use the guy sha massage tool (like Daily Concepts Gua Sha Facial Jade Tool, $16) against the base of the neck while massaging it upward to the jaw by using gentle, upward strokes. Massage the jaw, and your temples going down to the jaw as well. Massage different parts of the face and neck for about a minute each. 

3] Use a seaweed wrap to finally banish that belly bloat 

The minerals found in algae have a diuretic effect that decreases the body’s water retention and expels toxins. This results in making that belly look five pounds slimmer. 

Try it: Soak six dried seaweed sheets in water for five minutes. You can use something (like YUHO Kombu Dried Seaweed, $12.58 for 2-pack) Put these wet seaweed sheets all over the tummy and cover it with a plastic wrap. Remove and rinse after ten minutes.

4] Use an iced tea compress to reduce swollen breasts 

Tannins found in black tea hold anti-inflammatory properties that release built-up fluids in your body. When applied, it also shrinks fluid-filled blood vessels. Using this in the chest area will make it appear to pounds slimmer. 

Try it: Submerge two washcloths in cold black tea and place one on each breast for five minutes. Rinse after. 

5] Get rid of cankles by using an Epsom salt soak 

Medical aesthetician Holly Cutler says that “The vitamins and minerals in Epsom salt penetrate skin, increasing circulation to alleviate the swelling caused by fluids that pool in feet.” Mixing it with lemon juice even does a better job, making legs look up to three pounds leaner. 

Try it: Mix 1/2 cup Epsom salt and two tablespoons of lemon juice in a basin filled with warm water. Soak your feet and ankles for 15 minutes and rinse thereafter.