34 Conditions That Make Your Feet Hurt

6. Foot Fracture

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Toe fractures and fractures of the middle bones of the foot (metatarsal fractures), the two small round bones at the base of the big toe (sesamoid fractures), or the bones at the back of the foot, including heel bone fractures, are examples of foot fractures (calcaneus). Foot fractures are fairly common. Falls, twisting, or direct impact of a foot against a hard object can all cause them. Foot fractures cause a lot of pain, which is almost always exacerbated by trying to walk or put weight on the foot. Treatment for foot fractures varies depending on the bone fractured and the type of fracture, but it usually consists of putting the foot and ankle in a splint (then sometimes a cast) or a specially designed shoe or boot with open toes, Velcro fasteners, and a rigid sole to protect the foot from further injury. People are frequently told not to put any weight on their feet for an extended period of time. The length of time they must wait depends on the severity of the injury and can last several weeks. Doctors frequently advise patients to move their feet and ankles as soon as it is safe to do so.