34 Conditions That Make Your Feet Hurt

26. Metatarsalgia


Pain in the ball of the foot is known as metatarsalgia. It affects the metatarsals, which are the bones that connect the ankle bones to the toes. They are a common source of pain because they bear your weight when you stand, walk, or run. Wearing unsupportive footwear, conditions such as arthritis, and participating in high-impact sports can all contribute to metatarsalgia. It can be very uncomfortable and disrupt your normal activities, but it usually improves with some simple self-help measures. Metatarsalgia is commonly caused by increased pressure on the ball of the foot. Poorly fitting footwear – high-heeled or restrictive shoes can force the ball of the foot into a small amount of space, putting more pressure on that area; high-impact sports – sports like running or tennis put extra pressure on the feet; being overweight or obese – this can also increase the pressure on the feet; an unusual bone structure in the feet – having narrow, high-arched, or flat feet can increase the chances of metarsalgia. Metatarsalgia is also more common in the elderly and in diabetics.